Thursday, April 16, 2009

UG Krishnamurti

I am not a saviour of mankind. I am not in the holy business.

I am only interested in describing how I function ,this state is the natural state of being. In a clear way, not in any occult or mystical explanation in which those people in the holy business have shrouded the whole thing.

May be I can convince you not to waste a lot of time and energy

looking for a state which does not exist except in your imagination.

—U. G. Krishnamurti

from Robert Carr’s notebook:

In 1966 I was attending a series of talks by J. Krishnamurti in Saanan Switzerland. For some ten years I had been very interested in what he had to say about the human condition and if there was any real way to change oneself. Did enlightenment exist or was in an illusion produced by the brain, did God exist or was that too an illusion created by man? One afternoon I was walking along the river when I saw a man approaching me on the same path, he was Indian I thought and when we came to face to face we exchanged a smile and I said hello. That man was UG Krishnamurti. At first I thought he was there for the talks of J.K. but he told me no that he lived here in the valley for some time.

As the years passes I came to know him very well and spent countless hours with him and what I discovered what he was saying was something quite different from what all the other so called enlightened teachers were saying. I had studied them all and was not impressed by their statements. In mid eighties UG said I am going public and then begin to video record interviews with different people all over the world. Paul Arms and I begin to tape UG wherever possible for the next 10 years. Now I am living in India and decided to edit what are the best talks recorded over the years by myself, Paul and Julie Thayer and others. I am now in the process of editing tapes with the help of Abhishek Sharma. He is colour correcting and enhancing the tapes, some in good condition and some not so good. The overall production of saving and editing U G’s interviews offer a rare and powerful look into the mind of this very unusual man.

U G Krishnamurti life remains a mystery, no words or descriptions can capture this unique man. Philosophers have tried to fit him into some perspective or make sense of his statements about the human condition. For most of his life he has traveled all over the world meeting people from all walks of life. An encounter with him is like a bomb going off, shattering your beliefs, hopes of understanding what life is. Some called him an enigmatic figure but whose clear insight into the problems of living made an indelible mark on one. At an early age be begin to question everything around him. His quest was to find out if their was any thing like enlightenment or was it a figment of mans imagination He wanted nothing less than total freedom.

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  1. Good promo. Would like to get hold of the DVD when it comes out. Although UG himself wouldnt have liked this idea of having a DVD and website, perhaps he is too valuable an asset to humankind to not be preserved. Thanks for doing this.

  2. First of all he would have repudiated this idea of being "valuable" and "preservable"; anyone who thinks in these terms has completely misunderstood what UG tried to put across.

    What's really being done here is providing people with yet another source of entertainment. "Humankind" has its own aspirations, and to further these anything may proof to be a "valuable asset".

  3. Everything one says is not it, you have no chance to hit the mark. but you will keep trying and trying, as there is nothing else you can do. BC

    1. U.G. would question the existence of the 'mark' itself.

  4. I would like to be notified when the DVD comes out.


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  6. Hi. i don't know if according to UG it would have been the best idea to release a dvd but for what i saw on the promo film, that interesses me !
    I would like to know if there's gonna be any subtitles in different languages?
    Because unfortunatly not all my friends speak english.
    If you need any help for a french subtitling i could help you.


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